Treatments Available In My Clinic...

Below is a list of treatments I offer in my Lovely clinic. I am a fully Qualified, Insured cosmetologist Aesthetic practitioner.


Micro blading lets you create your own perfect brows from the finest hair strokes with a manual tool. It is semi permanent Makeup.

There are two sessions to this treatment to complete them. The follow up is four weeks after 

it will then lasts 12-18 months before a colour top up.

first session £250

four week completion £50

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Dermal Fillers 

Dermal Fillers are s semi permanent way to plump, smooth and volumise different areas of the face.

nose to mouth lines


lips boarder

lip volume/ Russian

smokers lines

chin/ Jaw

Fine Lines 


Nose Jobs.

they last 4-8 months.

0.5ml £120

1ml £200

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Wrinkle Reduction Injectables

Wrinkle Reduction injectables are Likely known as Botox. 

This will help smooth and stop the creasing of skin. Over time with maintenance this can reduce existing fine/deep lines and prevent any future lines/creases becoming static.

This can also give a brow lift.

this last 3-4 months for maintaining results.

3 Areas £250

Top up £25

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PDO Thread Lifts

Thread Lifts are a minimal invasive alternative to a face lift procedure. Threads can Lift, Tighten & Contour. Areas of the face that can be treated are;

Jowls & Jawline,

Neck lift/ tighten,

Foxy Eyes,

Classic Brow Lift,

Cheek & Mid Face, 

Eye Area, 


 Please contact me for more details.  

Fat Dissolving Aqualyx 

Results include smoother looking skin with a noticeable difference in the stubborn fatty pockets (cellulite), it requires minimal downtime.

Area to treat- thighs, knees, chin, stomach, buttocks, stomach, back and neck. The needle is very fine and only minor discomfort is felt. 3-6 treatments recommended 4-6 week interval.

please enquire.

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Mesotherapy or PRP Facials

 Providing you with all the right vitamin mixed for you to give your skin a glow while repairing, this also includes dermal rollering in the treatment.

 Perfect for-


minimising pores




reduces fine lines 



facial £120

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B12 Injectables


Vitamin B12 keeps your Skin, Hair and Nails Healthy , while reducing Depression and stress also helps protect against cancer. Vitamin c is a Antioxidant and helps produce collagen it also helps treat colds and Improves your immune system. As well as aiding your weight loss plan. once a month will keep you balanced and less fatigued.

1 - £29.99

6 - £150

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Russian Lips

Russian Lips are the latest best technique for creating maximum volume with minimal filler.  This technique gives full lips from the front view with a flat profile view creating the perfect heart shaped lips front on. This technique widens and opens the lip body without looking (ducky) It is also very good for ladies with very little top lip. it is know for minimal discomfort.

1.1ml £220 

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Plasma Blast

Plasma blast it the best treatment for skin tightening like-

Eyelid Reductions,

Under Arms,

Neck and Chin,

Crows Feet,

Smokers Lines along, with many more areas treatable. This treatment requires 7-14 days healing times and 3 Month No Sun Exposure.  Planning for this treatment is essential.

This treatment gives long lasting  results.

Upper/Lower Face £250 

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Profhilo is the Highest Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid treatment Available this will give your skin a heathy, plump, glowing and hydrating result. 

It targets areas that are loosing volume and for dry Skin problems. It also reduces fine line,  while stimulating the production of collagen. This is not used as a Filler. 

Two treatments are recommended 4-6 Weeks apart.   

per facial £220

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